I have no idea what should be my domain name. Can you help me?

Of course, as your hosting company, we would assist you in finding the right domain for your business or personal website. Reach out to our amazing team, and they’ll help you with the registration and naming process.


Does domain extension matters?

Yes. Domain extension can briefly explain what your site is about. It could make your domain easier to remember if it rhymes well with the name. So yes, it matters.


What is the process in the registration of a domain name?

First, you have to make a name. Second, check whether the name is still available using our domain checker. And lastly, choose an extension domain that is fit for your website.


How can I join the domain auction?

You’ll be asked to create an account to participate. Once your account is confirmed, you can start participating in our domain auction. Our website is easy to use. Don’t worry about the navigations. They are plain and simple.


What’s the coverage of your security services?

We offer complete services for security. Our clients can avail our web security, backup, and malware protection and removal services. If you avail the complete package, you will get voucher codes which you could use for renewing your subscription.


Do you offer high-powered websites?

Yes. Our hosting services could cater basic to advanced hosting needs. If you are a web developer who needs a high-powered site to work on, we got you covered.